S.E.R. Charles Palmer-Buckle

Archbishop of Cape Coast, Metropolitan, Bishop of Accra
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Charles G. Palmer-Buckle is the Metropolitan Archbishop of Cape Coast in Ghana. He is also the Vice President of the Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference. He was ordained a priest in 1976. He studied philosophy and theology and earned his doctoral degree in Rome. In 1993, John Paul II. appointed him the Bishop of Accra. From 2005, he has been serving as the Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra. In addition, he is the President of Caritas Africa and the Vice President of Caritas Internationalis. Charles Palmer-Buckle, who is the Archbishop of Cape Coast, seizes every opportunity for preaching the gospel. Reggae is also one his ways for evangelisation; he is a great admirer of Bob Marley. If need be, he too will grab a microphone and break into song. Besides his service in the Church, he plays an active role in Ghana’s public life. “We need to be present where globalisation is taking place – in public life, politics, culture, the economy and finance too. We need to be there, and we need to be courageous; we must not stay outside. We need to take the very essence of the gospel to the public education system and to all places where moral decisions are being made. Christianity needs to take centre stage in our lives” – he said regarding his presence in the public sphere.

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