S.E.R. János Székely

Diocesian Bishop of Szombathely, Leader of the Gypsy Pastoral Committee to the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference, President of the Caritas in Veritate Commission, President of the Council of Hungarian Christians and Jews
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He was born into a big, deeply religious family. He completed his tertiary-level education in Esztergom, Budapest and in Betlehem, then later continued his studies at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. He became a deacon in 1991 in Jerusalem, then later that year he was ordained a priest. He started his service in Érsekvadkert, where as a young priest he was faced with the extreme poverty as well as the rich values of Roma people pushed to the margin of society. So, he started evangelizing the Roma community. János Székely worked both as a teacher and the rector of the Theological College of Esztergom. In 2017, the Pope appointed him the Bishop of the Diocese of Szombathely. He firmly believes that we were all born to this world to learn how to love. To love everybody, but especially the sick, the elderly, the weak and the poor.

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