Eucharist: the enchanted fabulous life

13 July 2021
“The real crisis is that we no longer know where we come from and where we are heading to. We do not find the true meaning of life” – voices Sophia Kuby, world famous activist, and guest speaker of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress.

The Catholic lobbyist, Sophia Kuby is a well-known figure of the human rights professionals. The Director for EU Advocacy at the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Brussels is going to give her testimony at the “Forráspont” youth event to be held at the Papp László Budapest SportAréna on September 10, 2021.

Her vocation is to advocate life and religious freedom

Sophia Kuby tirelessly fights in all her public appearances for the fundamental rights of life and rallies against abortion. She is passionate about protecting religious freedom, sanctity of life, marriage and family. She states nothing less than the freedom of religion and human dignity are the cornerstones of a free society.

An organisation for advocating the families

The conservative lobbyist grew up in Bavaria, studied philosophy at the University in Munich, Germany. She speaks five languages, and besides Europe has already lived and worked in three continents (Chile –South America, Australia and the USA). Currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. In 2010, in Brussels she founded the European Dignity Watch civil organisation that has by now become one of the best known non-governmental organisations in Europe focusing on the protection of life and family rights.

Let your voice be heard in the best way!

In addition to her advocacy activities Sophia Kuby regularly provides media training and public relations seminars for Christians to equip them to engage successfully in the public debates. Furthermore, she holds a number of positions: Vice-President to the Christian Democrats for Life, Germany, a Board Member of the Scandinavia Human Rights Lawyers, and a founding member of the European Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Bridge builder between the Church and the media

Sophia Kuby first appeared in public as the spokesperson for the Catholic Youth Organisation’s media network, the "Generation Benedikt" (today: "Initiative Pontifex"), an international network of Catholics loyal to the Pope. The main goal of the “Initiative Pontifex” is to build a bridge between the Catholic Church and the media, moreover to reinforce the youth, being supportive to the Pope and the Church, to express their beliefs in public.

The successful writer

Sophia Kuby recognizes Pope Benedict XVI as a “real friend of the youth”. “I find him credible. He gives me orientation for my life.” – as she attested her views in a talk show.

Kuby published her first book in 2018 in France. Her anthropological essay on the human desire for fulfilment and its absence was nominated for the Award of the Best Christian Book of France in 2019.

Under global assaults

Kuby has been widely criticised by the liberal, left-wing activists.

The Evangelical News Agency Idea reported that in 2012 Kuby had been blacklisted to the “Top 27 European Anti-Choice Personalities” by the European Parliamentary Forum for Population and Development (EPF)


The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, relying on the media archives, labelled Kuby as “the pilgrim of the Bavarian conservatives”, who had no intention to break away from her ideals. “She supports love based marriage between man and woman, woman’s conscious renunciation of their career and the male responsibility of the single-earner household.”

Sophia Kuby’s conversion history

Sophia Kuby has become a Christian by experiencing the Eucharist. In 2000, at the age of 18 she converted to Catholicism, which brought radical changes in her life. Though she was brought up in the Catholic Bavaria, the real religion crossed the path of the 17 years old girl in the form of a pilgrimage experience in Amsterdam.

The evening that transformed everything

A friend of her Protestant mother invited Sophia to a monumental Catholic gathering (10,000 participants, 300 priests, and 15 bishops). Though the event greatly impressed the young girl, still she was not really touched by it. However, at the evening Holy Mass she decided to queue up for communion and to get blessing…

Empty heart, without faith

“Following my 15 hours bus ride this cannot really hurt” – she thought, while standing in the line, with arms crossed loosely on her chest – indicating that she was not baptized-. She queued up with “empty heart and without faith.” When it was her turn, the Father –instead of giving the blessing- held the Eucharist before her eyes and asked: “Do you believe that this is Christ’s body?” Sophia was more than surprised since she has never had the communion. All of a sudden the striking power of the faith crossed her body, then answered “Yes, I do” and accepted the Eucharist…..

“…I experienced a great fondness…”

“At that moment I believed that I met Jesus’ body in the host. It was a gift, a certitude that could not be neither established by ourselves nor be explained to us, but all of a sudden, in no minute time it just appeared.” (…) It perturbed my body in its very depth, from head to toe. (…) It was so intense that I returned to my place with trembling legs and at that moment I perfectly knew what was happening to me. It was so natural. Experiencing such a great fondness that I had never experienced before made me extremely upset, since I had the feeling that not even the greatest human love is worth it (…) All at once everything has changed.”

First steps with a feeling of loneliness

Difficult, lonely period followed the young girl’s conversion. Sophia started to follow Jesus’ path and ranked God in first place of her life. Sophia’s faith became strong, she had no hesitation, and nothing could waver in her faith, not even the turn away of her best friends. “It is really strange, -and I take it as God’s precious gift- that despite all the burden I was convinced that it was the right path to follow. I knew that everything I was going through was real, and I was sure that God would never let me alone without friends, instead would comfort me one day in multiple ways.” – as Sophia recalled this period of her life.

On the right and true path

“No one has ever told me, I have never read of it, because I knew that God would gift me with super friends, and would flourish my life. The feeling was in my guts, like a gift and this conscience helped me to stay on the true path. (…) Ever since I have never had the slightest doubt. I’m sure that this is the right way to follow.” - as Sophia Kuby portrays her new life.

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