Cardinal Péter Erdő’s Advent Message

29 November 2020
We all are encouraged by the Cardinal to meet Christ.

This pandemic has brought grief, discouragement, and insecurity for many. Yet this is the time to reflect upon on our lives. Human life just as the life of every generation is a bridge arching from the past to the future. Think of building the bridge. We need to build the bridge of life. Parents themselves work particularly hard at this, but also doctors and nurses, and all those who protect our health and our lives work put great effort into building this bridge.
We also need to build the bridge of love. Love is best passed on through families who bring up the future generations. Parents pass on this precious treasure by educating people who know how to love each other, are friendly and helpful as well as having a cheerful optimism.
We also need to pass on knowledge. We need to build the bridge of knowledge. All the knowledge humankind gathered must be passed on so that future generations can enrich it more. Teachers, educators, researchers and scientists are all working hard at this. Taking on this responsibility is a particularly important challenge for our generation. This challenge is a great task at the same time. All this will become a real asset if we start making sense of our past and future, and individuals and communities start making sense of their lives as well. God will never leave humankind alone. God is walking with us on the path of history and is waiting for us to have a blissful and eternal encounter. Here on Earth, we also need to seize the moments of this encounter!
Think of the Eucharistic World Congress which will take place here in Budapest in September 2021!
Let’s meet Christ in Budapest. May the Lord be a radiant companion of our lives! May the Lord be the one who brings optimism and joy into our lives!

Photo: Marcsi Ambrus