IEC Tuesday: fantastic speakers, super programs

23 August 2021
Two Cardinals on the very same day! Come and listen to their experiences on their pastoral ministry done in the shadow of arms, or in a war zone. Venue: Hungexpo, September 7! Do not miss your registration!

Great speakers and super programs await you at the Hungexpo on September 7. Main celebrant of the morning prayers will be Csaba Ternyák, Archbishop of Eger. We can listen to the testimony of Cardinal Louis Raphaël Sako, Archbishop of Baghdad, and Patriarch of the Chaldeans. Furthermore, you can meet a cheerful Cardinal.

Cheerfulness and love

Cardinal Gérald Lacroix, Archbishop of the Québec Archdiocese is an extremely joyful person. He takes this characteristic as a Divine gift. “It comes from our love for God.” – expressed the Cardinal as the source of this happiness.

Lacroix was not thinking of becoming a priest, instead he studied and worked as a graphic designer. However, he felt the urge to help the poor.

Baptism in the shadow of death

Lacroix met a missionary, whom he travelled to Columbia with. They were doing their pastoral ministry in the slums. “It was in Columbia where I felt the Lord’s call to follow him. This recognition totally turned my life upside down, since I did not intend to be a priest.” It happened that once Lacroix and the missionary were just bandaging the leg of a man suffering from sepsis, when an extremely upset young man broke into the house they were nursing the injured patient. The young man begged for urgent help for his sick child. Noticing the baby’s worsening health condition the worried father insisted on baptizing his child. But there was no priest around. Finally, given the extraordinary circumstances, and upon the special authorization both from the priest’s secretary and the missionary himself, Gérald Lacroix performed the Baptismal service. For the full story click HERE!

Ministry on mule back in the shadow of weapons

From 1988 Gérald Lacroix has been serving the community as a priest as well. He lived for nine years in Colombia in a war zone controlled by a military guerrilla organisation. His parish included 85 small villages, and to reach the farthermost one it took about 18 hours, which could even be reached by a mule ride only. Despite all the difficulties he recalls this phase of his life with great tenderness. “In the evenings we celebrated a Holy Mass at 7.00. Since there was no electricity, we used candles for lighting. The church was filled with children, adults, and elderly people, all of them being thirsty to hear God’s words and were happy that we could pray together.”

Since 2011 Gérald Lacroix has been Archbishop of the Québec Archdiocese and Primate of Canada. Go over the daily programs and make your registration!

Photo: CNS Photo/Paul Haring, IEC