Let us hear Jesus’ call!

20 September 2020
The Congress helps us to hear Jesus’ call, to cross the other side and to meet all those who are not yet aware of the joy of God’s love! – so sends his message Cardinal Gérald Lacroix, Archbishop of Quebec.

In this part of the “Messages from the World” series Cardinal Gérald Lacroix, the Archbishop of Quebec shares his thoughts on the effects of the world pandemic. Lacroix worked for many years as a missionary in Colombia, in a region where the widely remote communities could have been reached by an 18 hours mule ride only.

In his introduction, Péter Erdő tells us the story, which happened many times during Gérald Lacroix’s service, that he was celebrating Masses in churches where there was not even electricity, thus the community came together and prayed by candlelight. Since in relation to the pandemic many people have become gripped by fear and worries, the Archbishop of Quebec is convinced that this is one more reason to approach the Lord telling us: “I am here, do not be afraid, have faith, I am here.”
The Archbishop believes that the Eucharist is the presence of the Lord, and it is a great consolation knowing that we are not alone. Quebec had the privilege to host an International Eucharistic Congress in 2008, and the importance of such a meeting has not been changed since. As it is said in the message: “The International Eucharistic Congress gathers us, so that upon return home we can radiate the joy of the gospel.

The pandemic has made us realise how much we are unable to live without the Eucharist, without the nourishment of God’s Word, without the Holy Communion and the fraternal community, and how unable we are to become real missionaries in the world.”

Archbishop of Quebec is of the opinion that the world pandemic is an invitation to deepen our faith, our confidence and to let this source nourish and fill our hearts. The Archbishop believes that the International Eucharistic Congress is going to renew us, and enables us to re-experience the joy of Lord’s presence in ourselves, in others, and in the world so as to pass it on to our brothers and sisters. The Congress helps to hear Jesus’ call, to cross the other side and to meet all those who are not yet aware of the joy of God’s love!

Photo/Source: IEC