The way to the recovery

19 September 2020
Dr. Mary Healy from Detroit draws an analogy between the pandemic situation and that of a biblical story with many lessons.

The theologian, dr. Mary Healy sent her message from Detroit. Currently she is the only lady messenger, but next year it will be totally different, since, in addition, the Budapest International Eucharistic Congress will be
featured also by a number of female guest speakers – tells us Péter Erdő in his introduction.

What kind of theologian lessons can we learn from the pandemic? – indeed this is also a question the theologian explains in her video sent to Budapest. Through a Scripture passage Mary Healy makes a comparison between the women healed by Jesus from the flow of blood and that of the fear and the anxiety we are experiencing due to the pandemic. She recalled the words of Jesus to the woman “Daughter, your faith has made you well.”

Photo/Source: IEC