How shall we prepare in April and May?


APRIL and MAY - the time of Easter, the Holy Communion means giving myself fully and accepting the mystery of the Body of Christ; sanctifying the Sundays, celebrating the resurrection

  • Sunday is the day of rest in the Lord. Do I really think it so? What can I do to make it even more a holiday for me and my family? The Apostolic Letter Dies Domini by Pope John Paul II can be of a tremendous help in sanctifying the Sunday.
  • We can bless the cars, bicycles, motorbikes, baby carriages in our community after a mass on the square in front of the church. To this event we can invite even those, who do not go to church.
  • We can reach out to those teenagers, who do not find their place within the Church.
  • For the high school students, we can organize an afternoon activity in the parish with playing, studying together.
  • On Sunday afternoons we can invite the boys to play soccer/football.
  • Board game afternoons.
  • Reading books together, or lending our books to each other, and then talking about it while having a tea.
  • We can organize movie nights for catechists or students.
  • IT house: Sharing of the exercises found or made on the internet.
  • In this months the families can spend more time in the nature. On one of the coming Sundays we can have an outing together.
  • Helping the divorced and the re-married in both the spiritual and the community life.