How shall we prepare in February?


FEBRUARY - the time of Lent gives an opportunity of experiencing the sacrificial liturgy of the mass

  • We can have catechesis for adults at the parish, regarding the subject of the mass and the sacrifice.
  • The blessing of the houses always gives an excellent opportunity for visiting the families. We can make this happen during the month.
  • Do I know the date and time of my baptism or confirmation? Besides my birthday do I celebrate this day by praying for my parents, godparents and for the priest, who baptised me?
  • We can organize family and religious camps around the subject the Eucharist.
  • The outsourced weekend of the parish council can be based upon the mystery of the Eucharist.
  • We can use the opportunities given by the Week of Marriage, which is a civil initiative, not from the church, but we can strongly build on it, because - coming from its character - it evangelizes. We may invite lecturers, we can have programs, and to those we can invite the non-believer couples, too.
  • We can organize pilgrimages for the family, community or the parish. We can search for responsible people, who can help with the organizing.
  • We can organize meeting for the already existing groups, communities - for example parish communities, dean's districts - where there is a place for testimonies, conversations and joint prayers.
  • For a well-prepared parish event we can invite the leaders of a few spiritual communities. We shall give an occasion to meet and talk to them.
  • We can join in the life of the district, village or city. On the festivities the parish can have its own tent, which offers programs to each and every age group. We should give an attractive opportunity for joining the parish community. We also can collect prayer-intentions in the tent: the visitors shall put their intentions anonymously into a chest, and on the next Sunday the community shall pray for those intentions.
  • During a pilgrimage done on foot we can experience that faith is a constant "being-on-the-road" towards God. If can set on a prepared pilgrim path, it can help the pilgrimage of the parish.
  • We can create home sanctuaries and prayer corners, where we can place an icon, a candle or the Holy Bible. We can invite our parish priest to bless this corner of prayer. We can give ideas to the others about the joint prayer even within the family.
  • We can write prayers for our families, communities, which we pray together every single day during this month.