How shall we prepare in March?


MARCH - reconciliation, repentance 

  • How free can I be from those things I am attached to? Is there anything I am not using anymore and can give it to someone else? What is my heart, time and money clinging to?
  • Praying the Eucharistic Speech (John 6:22-71) What shall I do during adoration? Learning silent adoration.
  • How much do I pray individually, in family and community for our parish priest, our bishop, and the Holy Father? What can I do the growth of the vocations?
  • During Lent (or Advent) we can announce symbolic programs to the children: for example collecting wheat grain for our good deeds, and later baking a wafer out of them.
  • We can invite those priest and chaplains who served in our parish, or we can visit them.
  • In this month we can make our churches, chapels, calvarias and their surroundings nicer. We can explore the roadside crosses, chapels in our vicinity, and straighten them up, if necessary.
  • If I have left the "father's house" like the prodigal son, how can I return to the love of God?
  • Have I already decided in my life consciously to side with Jesus? This week I can say in my prayers: "Lord, I would like to have You in the first place in my life. I am yours, I want to belong to you eternally."
  • If there is anyone I am having hard feeling for, or I am angry with I can pray more for him in this month. I shall seek the opportunity to make to first steps towards him.
  • I can prepare for the feast of the Easter with a very thorough confession. In order to prepare you can consult your prayer books for a spiritual mirror.
  • We can pray for the success of the coming Eucharistic Congress, and for repentance and conversion.
  • The thought of the vocations can be joined to the preparation for the Congress.
  • On the Fridays of the Lent - similarly to the rosaries in October - different groups of the parish (including the children) can lead on the praying of the stations of the Cross.
  • We can have a special fast in our community, another family every day. During Lent we can talk in the families about how we can exercise the forms of fasting - the fasting of the hands, the mouth, the stomach, the eyes and the ears - during the Lent.
  • We can make opportunities for reciprocal rapprochement within our families (for the parents among themselves, among children, parents and grandparents).
  • We can walk the Stations of the Cross at night (not only) with youngsters.
  • We can bring the monthly confession back - especially for children.