Justo Antonio Lofeudo in Budapest


Justo Antonio Lofeudo held a lecture with a testimony about the importance of the adoration and its fruits in the undercroft of the Our Lady parish church in Budapest on the 12th January 2018.

The 76 years old Argentinian priest is one of the founders of the Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist, the Apostle of the Perpetual Adoration. The monk, nowadays busy with disseminating the perpetual adoration in as many places as possible, a long time ago alienated himself from the Church, but after growing weary with the atheism he faced the fact that only his meeting with Jesus Christ can provide answers to the most fundamental questions of life. The first time he heard about the adoration was from an American priest with Italian origin, named Martin Luca, when he made an interview with him on the subject back in the day. As an effect of this conversation three chapels for perpetual adoration were opened in Buenos Aires and Justo Lofeudo became so committed, that he sacrificed his life to this cause. "Perpetual adoration is a gift from God to our age" - said the monk. According to him God, through his presence in the Eucharist wants to shape us, and our life and environments really do change as an effect. Based on his international experience Padre Lofeudo saw that the less religious and even the followers of other religions started to visit the Holy Eucharist, and had the same experience, that is someone IS really there. They also felt the peace and love that comes with it. In the chapels of adoration God turns us into better without any noise. This is, what he desires to give us in this noisy world.