Meeting of the Hungarian Community Leaders


The leaders of the Hungarian church communities and spiritual movements were invited by the General Secretariat of the International Eucharistic Congress to a meeting and brainstorming. The gathering took place on 13th March in the great hall of the Catholic Pedagogical Institute, where the representatives of fifty communities and movements were present. The subject was the preparations for the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest. How the communities can join in, what can they offer, how the Secretariat of the IEC can help them. How can we make the Eucharist to be an even more transformative power in our lives? The evening started with the speech of Kornél Fábry (Secretary General), who emphasised that the International Eucharistic Congress is a series of celebrations and a testimony towards the whole world. That is one of the reasons why they count on the help of the communities.

After the lecture about the challenges, programs and goals the representatives of the communities had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their own ideas. There was no rest for the microphone, the lot of very good ideas - from interacting with the youth to the possibilities of volunteering and the organizing of accommodations - came up.

Beyond the operative tasks every participant emphasised the importance of the spiritual preparation, the advantages of the Eucharistic experiences and the sharing of testimonies. The participants agreed on the necessity of another meeting similar to this, and they continued the discussions in a more informal way, with some cookies and soft drinks. As a closing Kornél Fábry told, that the beginning of the next year of preparation is nearing, the second year will be opened on 21st May, and that it will be about the Church and the communities.

Photo: IEC media