Negotiations of the Delegation of the Hungarian Church in the Vatican about the International Eucharistic Congress


A delegation of the Hungarian Catholic Church, led by His Eminence, Péter Cardinal Erdő had meetings in the Vatican on 15th March. After the negotiations we asked the Cardinal for a brief summary.

"This afternoon the Hungarian delegation reported to the Pontifical Committee for the Eucharistic Congresses about the preparations of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress.

First Archbishop Marini (Archbishop Pietro Marini, president of the Pontifical Committee for the Eucharistic Congresses) talked about work of the committee this year, and after that the debate of the draft of the theological document, which we submitted to the Holy See shortly before, took place. Those present commented on certain statements of this document, and on the theological concept in general. We received very important instructions - both in the pastoral and in the theological sense.

After the debate Rev. Kornél Fábry presented our work carried out this year, that is all the internal and external steps of the preparations: including the trip of the Mission Cross; the pastoral program we carried out so far, next year's pastoral booklet, all the initiatives, adorations and other steps which are being taken now, and in which we ask for international help. We got great encouragement for our work.

The whole plenary assembly will take place this autumn in Rome, meaning, that the bishops' conferences of all countries will send their delegate to the Eucharistic Congress - during this meeting the worldwide preparations and organizing will be in the focus, and we will be received by the Holy Father, too, to whom we will report about the preparations.

Source: (sv) / Vatican Radio

Photo: Vittore Boccardi