Worldwide Adoration on 2nd June!


We call you to adore the Jesus present in the Eucharist all over the world at 5: pm on the 2nd June, on the Eve of Corpus Christi Day. Register at the Corpus Domini website!

When founding the Eucharist, Jesus takes the bread and says: TAKE IT, THIS IS MY BODY. He calls us to be in communion with Him, and through Him with each other.

In 2017, on the feast of Christ, the King more than 30.000 prayed together in 18 countries and 840 locations.

Now, preparing for the International Eucharistic Congress in 2020, we plan to adore Jesus in 2020 different locations. To achieve this, we need you to join in, along with your parishes and communities. Be a part of the largest adoration ever!

  • Search

Search for a place on the map on the Corpus Domini website, where there is an adoration already!

  • Organize!

If there is no adoration near you, then organize one with the local parish priest, church-director, or religious leader in the local church, in the chapel of the school or of the hospital!

  • Be Creative!

You can pray before the Eucharist in silence, contemplating, in a traditional way, or with singing, adoring, with children, with the young, the families, and also the elderly. You can team up with musicians, the Rosary Society, communities, schools and everyone, who is willing to spend an hour with the Lord of Eternity.

  • Register!

It is important, that all locations must be registered. This is the only way we can see, whether we have reached the goal of the 2020 locations. With you, the coverage will be worldwide.

  • Stay in touch!

You can subscribe to the newsletter of the IEC 2020, and through it you can always be up-to-date where we are in the preparation of the Congress, and you can receive first hand news about our programs, and how you can join.

Spread the news of the adoration among our friends! Our website will be available in two more languages after 17th May.

For details, click HERE!

IEC Secretariat