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We have just launched the official Facebook site of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. Through this site you can keep up with the events and latest information connected to the Congress. You are most welcome to follow us and spread the news of this site among your friends and family or even among your business partners.

On 21st May in Budapest, in the garden of the Shrine of Máriaremete Card. Péter Erdő has opened the second year of preparation for the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. On this occasion he had a catechesis, which is now published in it full version:

What is the purpose of the Eucharistic Congresses? Why did this event come to life, and how did it change in the last one-and-a-half centuries? The essay of Lajos Dolhai, rector of the Theological College of Eger and president of the Theological Commission of the International Eucharistic Congress:

Adoration is not only an exclusive prerogative of the Saints, but it is a given opportunity for all of us, to meet the present Jesus. This is the very simple secret of the adoration: if I open myself to Christ, he will fill me with his presence.

We were called to an adoration embracing the whole globe on the eve of Corpus Christi Day, on 2nd June by the Secretariat of the International Eucharistic Congress. According to the estimated results in 45 countries of six continents - tens of thousands of people - joined the chain of adoration.

We call you to adore the Jesus present in the Eucharist all over the world at 5: pm on the 2nd June, on the Eve of Corpus Christi Day. Register at the Corpus Domini website!

A great achievement of our Protestant brothers is that the Bible became a basic part of our everyday lives. But we, who believe in the Eucharist better know that our meeting with God and Jesus would be impossible without the Sacraments. The person of Jesus Christ is uninterpretable without the Eucharist. This thought grows stronger in me every time...

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