Thanksgiving for the graces of the Eucharistic Congress

20 September 2021

Lord Jesus Christ, Our Beloved Master,

We thank You with all our hearts for the powerful experience of Your miraculous presence and the power of your gentle and irresistible love throughout the International Eucharistic Congress. Our earlier belief felt that what is happening is something greater than us has become something we feel.

The intimacy of the Holy Masses, Adoration, the candlelit Eucharistic Procession through the city Saturday evening, Your Benediction all embraced and united the great gathered crowds, granting us an eternal memory and source of strength.

At the papal Mass the visible community of the universal Church appeared around You. The successor of Peter, the family of bishops, priests, religious, and lay faithful celebrated You, and partook of the grace flowing from You, the sustenance of Your Body and Your Blood and Your life.

Living communion with the impoverished, the arts, the sciences, music, the power of the touching testimonies, the many nations, the examples and enthusiasm of pilgrims from all quarters of the earth carry the message of resurrection, hope and rebirth after the hard months of epidemic. We draw our trust from You, You are Who cares for us.

We bring our great common cares before you. The limits of the earth's resources, the panic of humanity in search of a way forward without making the world uninhabitable. May our cluelessness not lead to anxious accusations of our fellow man in a bitter struggle for resources. May we instead find hope in You, may we debate with generosity our common goals. Thanks be to You for accompanying us along the road of history.

We give thanks for meeting other Christians around You and Your table. We ask that we may soon arrive at complete communion. We met in love with the followers of other religions and other perspectives. Help that we may be your loving heralds.

In the years of preparation we asked that the Eucharistic Congress may serve the renewal of our capital, our people, Europe and the world. Now when we give profound thanks for the all the graces of the Congress, we ask that we be the workers of this spiritual renewal led and empowered by your Holy Spirit