Damian Stayne

Founder of the Cor et Lumen Christi a Catholic Charismatic Community
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“During my check-up, the doctor at the oncology department couldn’t find the tumour.” Many of the people who attended the courses and prayers lead by Damian Stayne have recounted such or similar experiences. As a result of the work that he has done across five continents of the world, thousands of people have recovered from bodily or spiritual ailments, received a life-transforming prophecy or have been filled with strength of the Holy Spirit. He has already been several times to Hungary. In 1983, Damian Stayne quit his job, and travelled to Paris to gather experience about Catholic communities. He was deeply touched by the vivid vibrancy of the monastic and mystical tradition of the Church, and the simplicity and beauty that he got to experience first-hand at the Jerusalem community; while at the Emmanuel community he was also profoundly moved by the strength of renewal in the Holy Spirit and by their charismatic service. He felt that God was calling him to create a community which encompasses all these values. After seven and a half years of fasting and prayer, in 1990 he founded the Cor et Lumen Christi (The Heart and Light of Christ) community in England.

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