Damian Stayne, preacher of God’s present day’s miracles

06 May 2021
Damian Stayne, the founder of the Cor et Lumen Christi Catholic community has also accepted the Budapest International Eucharistic Congress’ invitation. On five continents many thousands of people have been healed through his healing ministry.

“At the medical check-up of the Institute of Oncology the doctor could not trace any sign of a cancerous tumour.” “On the healing prayer day my mother, Magdalena felt that her long lasting ear pain has just gone away, such as her arthritic and joint pains, enabling her to walk home even without a cane.” Such and similar experiences have been reported by the attendants of the courses and common prayers Damian Stayne guided.

Five continents, many thousands of miraculous healings

Damian Stayne has served across five continents of the Globe, and wherever he set foot in, many thousands have been healed from their physical and mental distress, have received life impacting prophecy, and toned up their souls through the power of the Holy Spirit. Damian has already paid several visits also to Hungary. He is a father of two adult children. In 1983 he left his job, travelled to Paris to enrich his experiences about the charismatic communities. He spent some time in the Monastic Community of Jerusalem, where was deeply touched by the lively pulsation of the monastic and mystical tradition, the simplicity and beauty the community was focusing on, while staying with the Emmanuel Community the charismatic ministry and the power of renewal in the Holy Spirit affected him greatly. He felt God’s invitation to found a community that can unite all these values. Upon returning to England he spent seven and half years fasting and praying, then in 1990 he finally founded the Cor et Lumen Christi (The Heart of light of Christ) community, that characterises itself as a contemplative, charismatic community with an Eucharistic heart.

Renew your wonders!

Damian Stayne runs courses, training and conferences all around the world, encouraging people to live their faith and to use the charisms.

The beginnings

Damian was very much disturbed by the experience that the great charisms were likely to disappear from the Church, even though Jesus had definitely promised it for the faithful. He started praying and fasting so to find the answers, and when it was given by a Catholic priest from the city of Potta, India – he saw someone having been healed of blindness in a minute time upon the priest’s praying over the blind man – Damian immediately knew that he had found what he was looking for. Since then he has the feeling of having a mission to enlighten the Catholics about “the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.” (Ephesians 1:18). He is convinced that this is a heritage all believers have received.

So he talks about the beginning: It happened on the night before the last day of a healing service. I was doing my ministry in the crowd, while others were worshipping and praying. I was just praying for someone for the grace of evangelisation when I felt something in my back. I realised that Lord was calling me to pray for a person with back problems. I turned and saw a lady, sitting in a wheelchair. I was shocked, and my first thought was: “this might be an exaggeration, I don’t pray for someone in a wheelchair.” Then I asked the lady about her problem and she told me it was her back. Praying for her really scared me since I was afraid that nothing would happen, but I knew God was calling me to trust in the faith I had always been praying for. I brought together a couple of people from the community asking them to join me in praying for this lady. The lady was massively dosed of painkillers and even so she had great pain when standing and walking. She told us, she had not walked without her walker-frame for years, still after some minutes of prayer she got up, out of her wheelchair and started to walk and run around the hall with no pain at all. Upon returning home, his husband, who had also been her caretaker, was surprised seeing his wife walking in the house without any help. Goes without saying I have been in touch with her and even five years later she is still fine and is leading a normal life. This healing however, definitely changed things and helped me to increase my faith, moreover it made me want more. Later on, in 2001 I founded the Charism School to train and encourage people to develop a faith so that God can make use of them.

What is the sense of it?

Nowadays people feel threatened and insecure about many things, thus they should have the feeling that there is someone good and strong, who loves them, moreover who is able to be their protector and supporter. So I thought it was of high importance to manifest Lord’s power, especially in the field of healing. Healing miracles are the signs that the Kingdom of God is coming. Over the recent years there has been a growing interest and openness towards the spiritual issues. Let’s notice that people are attracted by the New Age therapies, and by the “naturopathy”. Many do believe in supernatural healing and are visiting the places where all this is offered. Thus it is really important to show them that our God is greater and far stronger than anything else. I believe that the credibility of the Gospel is at stake and people want to know where the true spiritual power lies. Signs and wonders clearly demonstrate that Jesus is alive and he is the Lord of all.

In his book “Renew Your Wonders” - that has also been published in Hungarian-, Stayne makes clear the real meaning of Charism. The word itself originally comes from the Greek word Charisma, denoting a graciously given gift, thus the Charism itself is a spiritual gift given by God. He also points out that even Paul the Apostle interprets the charism, or as it is often termed “Charismatic gifts” in five varieties. On one hand it is the gift that is coming from God’s grace – such as marriage, celibacy, etc…-, on the other hand, in connection with Israel, Paul worded it alike:

“Furthermore, when the word Charism refers first to the eternal life, then to the gift –that is most likely the Holy Spirit- Timothy had received when God laid hands on him. Paul the Apostle eventually applies the term in reference to the spiritual gifts. As to Damian Stayne: “The Charisms inflame and revive the faith, while showing that Jesus is ‘real and dynamic.’ The Charisms take people’s attention and turn their focus on Jesus.”

God wants to use us

“It is not enough to simply believe in wonders, but we have to believe that God wants to use every and each one of us, and this is not something we can make up spiritually, rather it is a gift from God. Indeed it is the gift we have to desperately long and ask for. We cannot be effective or witness great healings without the gift of faith” – Damian said in an interview with the Goodnews.

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Photo: Magyar Kurír

Source: Cor et Lumen Christi Magyarország