For better, for worse… online

12 May 2020
Eszter and Márk got married. Their wedding was held in a church and they wore nice clothes, as usual. There is nothing special in these news. Still… there is…

The wedding of Eszter and Márk is a unique one as only the witnesses, the closest family members, the priest and two musicians took part. All the others could join the big event via live streaming.
On the second Sunday of May some relief could already be felt in the country. Cafés, restaurants opened one by one in the countryside. People slowly went out to parks, river banks, streets. They have been longing for the sense of community in open air for so long.
Márk Kling, a co-worker of NEK married Eszter Hegedüs in Szent Imre church in Kaposvár. The benches were not covered with flowers. There was neither red carpet nor bridesmaids. The great organ remained silent. The solemnity of the wedding did not source from formalities but from the purity and love of Eszter and Márk.

The young couple and their witnesses sat apart from each other in a safe distance. Two musicians stood by the wall. By the altar Bishop László Varga said the holy words and there was a young man sitting in the first bench with a laptop in his hands. With the help of this device all of Márk’s and Eszter’s beloved ones could join the wedding online.

In the past few weeks, we’ve written a lot about the creativity of man. There were so many wonderful initiations during the lockdown that it would be hard to mention all of them. But there was one thing in common: nothing can stop the desire of the soul to fly free and nothing can stop us to meet Jesus anytime, anywhere, to do good things and make our purest aims come true.
The wedding of Eszter and Márk is a wonderful example of this. Two young people have found the way to be together with their families and friends and still be perfectly safe. Cakes, toasts, champagnes and dance can wait. Their example showed us that God has implanted selflessness and creativity into our souls.

Fotó: Marcsi Ambrus

Fordítás: Orsolya Gyarmati

Szöveg: NEK