A Big Feast is Being Prepared in the Heart of Europe

26 August 2019
The Hungarian capital will host the next International Eucharistic Congress, the organisers are making the final touches on the grandiose event

13-20 September 2020 – it is worth to note this date in the calendar and not to organise any other programs or trips for that week. Because during this special week the parts of the World Church are having a rendezvous in Budapest; to be precise, Jesus calls the huge masses of Catholics and benevolent people around himself. This series of events contains colourful, meaningful programs for all ages, which offers a refreshment at the spiritual source, as the motto says “all my springs are in you”.

The Hungarian organisers took the opportunity very seriously, when it showed that – following Cebu City in the Philippines – this special event shall be organised in Hungary again, after 1938. The Secretariat of the International Eucharistic Congress has been working for years to organise the preparations, as well as “warming up” the hearts both in Hungary and abroad and also spreading the news of the event. In all Hungarian churches people regularly pray for the worthy organising of the Congress, and 500 days before the start a big campaign event was held with the participation of His Eminence, Card. Péter Erdő on the square in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica.

The countdown starts on 13th September 2019 – from that day on one year is remaining for everyone to get prepared both professionally and spiritually.

The organisers pay special attention to the youth, the Church of the future: a festival is going to be held for them for the second time, where the Eucharist is in the centre – they tune in for the big meeting of 2020 with music, testimonies, adoration and mass.

This congress is a great opportunity for us, Hungarians, to celebrate our national values and at the same time to show the world who we are, what treasures we have here, in the heart of Europe – explained Tünde Zsuffa, press agent of the Congress.

During these weeks the organisers tour the country with a unique road show with a special attention not to appear only on Christian events, but also on cultural festivals, on events “outside the walls of the church” in order to raise the curiosity for next year’s feast.

It is visible, that the heart of Europe is heating up – hopefully this will spread further after the one-week program touching many people, leading them to the summit and source of our life.

Photo: Marcsi Ambrus

Source: SZEMlélek