Csaba Böjte: Let’s sit together at Lord’s Table

11 March 2020
Hundred years after the Trianon Treaty, Hungary has the honour to host the Catholic world meeting

Csaba Böjte welcomed the news that hundred years after the Trianon Treaty the Catholic Church provided the opportunity for Hungary to be the host and to organize the International Eucharistic Congress, to which Cardinal Péter Erdő personally invited the Romanians, the Slavs and the Serbs as well.

“It was hundred years ago that with the Trianon Treaty something, which always belonged together has been torn apart. Hundred years ago, people and nations living in this territory thought, that it would be better to live separately than together. This divorce resulted in many grief and pain” – said one of the Congress’ messengers on the Radio Kossuth.

The Franciscan friar also reminded us of the vital role of faith in the reconciliation during the history. He was talking about János Scitovszky, Archbishop of Esztergom who had led a pilgrimage of tens of thousands from Bratislava to Mariazell, 9 years after the 1848 Revolution and War of Independence, in order to ask for the blessings of Our Lady of Hungary. Even lay persons joined the Archbishop, thus a total of 25 thousands attended the march. Terrified by the event, Franz Joseph and the Imperial Court of Vienna declared the Hungarian pilgrimage as an anti-government protest. In fact the pilgrimage turned out to be a huge festival, people brought fruits, food and invited each other to eat together, while the Hungarian and Austrian high priests, as well as the lay persons were praying all together for peace.

Csaba Böjte believes that with the help of Jesus Christ’s love and light, today the region has started its moving towards each other to reconcile the past. The Congress messenger expressed his hope that Pope Frances will be also able to attend this world event.

Brother Csaba voiced his dream: “I would like to see at least half to one millions of people coming together in Budapest between 13-20 September. So that we can really profess our belief, to show that we are able to change the Carpathian-basin into a fairy garden, all this together with God, with each other, in community and in peace. I do not see any reason which could ever prove that living separately is better than living together. Borders should be left as they are, but let’s sit at a table together and in love. (…) Instead of digging up again and again the historical grievances, let’s look forward in unity, since this would be the greatest triumph of hope, peace and the starting of a new dawn.”

IEC Secretariat