“The Lord shall tell in his writings of peoples and of princes, of them that have been in her.”

05 November 2019
Eucharistic Adoration on the eve of Christ the King

For the third time people across the globe shall gather together before the Blessed Sacrament on the eve of the feast of Christ the king.

“The Lord shall tell in his writings of peoples and of princes, of them that have been in her” we can read in Psalm 87, taken as the motto for the 2020 International Eucharistic conference. On the eve of the feast of Christ the King, November 23rd, for the third time, in thousands in countries throughout the world, we shall gather again for an hour of adoration, to see Jesus, the visible image of the invisible God. To pray for those who have yet to meet Him.

Help organise Eucharistic adoration at your parish or in your community, register on the corpusdomini.iec2020.hu website or join a group already registered. We hope to worship the King of all the universe Jesus together.

The last time a worldwide adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was held even the Catholic weekly in Taiwan reported of it. Thirty-five parishes and communities joined this initiative. We received a message from Mexico City, “We are praying with you! We will be there at the Congress!”. A participant here in Hungary stated, he had attended church for years, but adoration was a new type of prayer for him, something he will join much more often now. A Canadian friend wrote that though there were only three of them it gave them great strength to know that in these hours across the world many tens of thousands will be praying before the Blessed Sacrament with them.

What do you have to do if you want to join?

– Find a place on the map on the website, a place where there is already going to be adoration and on November 23rd join them. There is a place on the site where you can indicate you will be attending so we can see how many people will be at a location! Last year in 41 countries there were more than forty thousand participants!

– If there is no place to attend adoration near you, then at the local church, school or hospital chapel, or religious community organise eucharistic adoration with the local parish priest, parish director, religious superior.

– Pray before the Blessed Sacrament in silence, in contemplation, through traditional means, in song, praise, with children, young people, families, the elderly. You can invite musicians, prayer groups, rosary groups, communities, schools and anyone who would happily spend an hour with the Lord of all.

– You can sign up for our newsletter, it has information on how preparations for the 2020 Budapest International Eucharistic Congress are progressing and learn of programs and activities you can join.

In previous worldwide adorations 17:00 was the given beginning hour, and 60 minutes the suggested length for the occasion. It will begin again at 5 pm but only as a suggested start time, every community will begin when they can and pray for as long as they would like!

NEK Secretariate