A prayer breath

14 March 2020

O Lord, God of our fathers!

We give thanks for the world, in which you allowed the life of humankind.

We are thanking you for the prosperity and for the wonderful principles of the creation. We give thanks, that despite all the destructive power we have survived and are over and over again able to get new recognition on our world and on ourselves.

Please take our thanks of letting us to fight both individually and in community for our survival and to have a better, a nicer and a more meaningful life. But most of all we thank you of calling us for the eternal life, and that you opened the way towards the eternal happiness by the redemptive death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

When natural catastrophes fall upon us, against which we are unable to find solid protection by our own efforts alone, we experience that after all we all our lives are in your hands.

Lord, we humbly beg to help the men of science to find the antidote for the present epidemic! Please give the society leaders the insight, enabling them to take the appropriate measures to cut down the spread of the contagion, to help the prevention, the overcoming and the delivery of the effective tools to the needy. Grant mercy and everlasting rest to the ones deceased in the disease, grant recovery to the ills, as well as strength and blessing to the doctors and to all the healthcare staff for their courageous stand. Please strengthen our faith, confidence and helping love, so that we can provide a maximum physical and spiritual assistance to our sick fellow human, and to the grieving and worried relatives. Please give that our responsible behaviour becomes an efficient contribution to prevent the spread of the disease.

Lord forgive us all our sins that are committed by thought, by voice, by action and by failure.

Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us!

Blessed Virgin Mary, Salus Infirmorum, pray for us!


Source: Magyar Kurir