There was evening and there was morning: the second day


The opening lecture was held by the Russian Orthodox priest Michael Zheltov with the title The Eucharist in the Pastoral and Liturgical Practice of the Russian Orthodox Church. After him deacon-lector Nicolae Preda took the podium with his speech about the Holy Liturgy and the Practice of the Eucharist in the Romanian Orthodox Church and shared a lot of information about the practices of the Church of the so-close-yet-so-far Romania. The line of the non-Hungarian lectures was concluded by His Excellency, Makarios Christoupolis, the representative of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. He was followed by His Excellency, Fülöp Kocsis, Greek Catholic metropolitan archbishop, who talked about the reverence and the living tradition of the Eucharist in the practice of the Hungarian Greek Catholic Church.


After the meaningful morning part, a similarly intriguing afternoon part followed. Imre Szebik, retired Lutheran, and Károly Fekete Calvinist bishops added the part of the Protestant Churches to the conference. During their lectures they tapped into subjects, such as the practice of the communion, or the value and the significance of the communion in the Lutheran and Calvinist theology. The differences came up as well, but the lecturers have put more emphasis on the common parts. This was also the characteristic during the round table discussion with the three Hungarian lecturers. When the audience asked uneasy questions, there were short, straightforward and honest answers in all cases. One example was, whether a child can understand that complex theological reality, what the Eucharist, the ritual of the communion or the Greek Catholic communion means? It was an especially beautiful moment when article 80 of the Heidelberg Catechism came up. The words of both Cardinal Péter Erdő and Bishop Károly Fekete upon the subject were the proof of the mutual reconciliation, without hiding the differences.


The congress continued with a mass in the Cathedral of Esztergom, and after it a wine tasting took place in the Primate's Cellar restaurant under the Basilica. The day's program concluded with the vesper and a silent adoration. On Thursday we will arrive to the concluding day of the conference. Among others the lecturers will be: Edvárd Kajtár, director of the Liturgical Institute, Norbert Németh, nominated rector of the Pontifical Hungarian Institute and Sr. Beáta Versegi CB. There will be speeches about the Eucharistic Movements after II Vatican Council, about the role of the Eucharistic Conferences in our days, and the grace of the communion.

IEC Secretariat

Photo: Janos Toth and Magyar Kurír