24 July 2020
U.S. expelled Iraqi citizens are jeopardized by the risk of suffering torture and persecution in their home country.

The Chaldean Patriarchate, headed by Patriarch Louis Raphaël Sako is very much concerned for the situation of the Iraqi people being residents in the United States for quite a long time. In lack of the necessary documents for obtaining the US citizenship, or because having been accused of committing crimes, many are now facing a forced repatriation to their home country. Therefore, the Patriarchate released a statement on July 20, accordingly.

According to the statement the measures carried out by the US Administration are inhuman and immoral forms of deportation. The new rule affects also those who have already been residing in the USA for many years and now they are either forced to separate from their family or to bring their children back to Iraq, regardless to the fact that these children were born in America and do not even speak Arabic. Consequently the whole family is exposed to the risk of social isolation, unemployment and lack of livelihoods.
The patriarchal statement, released through their official channels, invited the United States Administration to revise its relevant order and to protect the rights and the family peace of the Iraqi families now becoming potential victims of the expulsion.
On July 2, the United States Supreme Court rejected the claim made by a group of Iraqis requesting the blocking of both the expulsion and of the forced return to Iraq ordered by the US judicial system. The measures involve about 1,400 Iraqis residing in the United States, many of them have long been convicted for deportation due to criminal activities. Some of the expelled Iraqis submitted petition to avoid the expulsion order, claiming that forced repatriation to Iraq would expose them to the risk of torture and persecution.
Until a few years ago, even the Iraqi government itself was against the forced repatriation of his fellow citizens residing the in the United Sates. The situation has changed since June 2017, when the Donald Trump administration implemented new immigration rules. Therefore, in June the same year 114 Iraqi citizens were arrested upon the order of the US federal agency (ICE, Immigration and Custom Enforcement) responsible for border security and immigration control.
During the following weeks that of, Mark Goldsmith a Detroit judge temporarily halted the deportation of the Chaldean Christians and other Iraqi immigrants. The judge pointed out that the criminal and judicial cases that were brought up by the police as a reason of the Iraqis’ deportation were actually “dormant” cases, in fact these served as an excuse to pursue certain goals.
Actually, the measures on the forced repatriation of the Iraqi citizens residing in the United States have been settled far ahead prior to Judge Goldsmith’s resistance attempt. To be exact, it has already been decided when the Trump Cabinet and the Baghdad Government made agreement both on Baghdad’s hosting back a certain number of Iraqi citizens condemned for forced eviction, and on Iraq’s removal from the black list of nations subject to an entry ban, ordered by President Donald Trump. The implementation of this black list was to stop the immigration from those six Muslim majority countries that were considered as potential terrorist “exporters”.

Source: Fides News Agency, Magyar Kurír
Photo: Fides News Agency, IEC