Message from Esztergom, Hungary: the IEC is on to begin

05 September 2021
A Flash mob of 6 schools’ 2200 students welcomed the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress from Esztergom, from the centre of the Hungarian Catholic Church.

The big day has arrived, thereby giving a great reason for 2200 students to take part in a flash mob, organized in front of the largest church of Hungary, the Basilica of Esztergom. The attraction was witnessed not only by locals but also by many of the participants of the International Theological Symposium, held in the city.

Students were singing the anthem of the 1938 Eucharistic Congress, approaching the iconic location from five directions, finally forming a huge cross in front of the Basilica stairs. Surprisingly the first person to step out from the Basilica was not Csaba Török parish priest, but Cardinal Péter Erdő himself. The Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest spoke about the youth, being the integral part of the World Event. Youth is the sign of joy and hope, which the world is in great need of. Afterwards he blessed the volunteers of the Congress and all those who dedicated themselves with work and prayers to support the Congress organisation.

“All my springs are in you” – cites the Psalm, the motto of the Congress. Csaba Pindroch, actor, one of the 12 IEC messengers, regularly returns to the source, to the Temesvári Pelbárt Ferenc Franciscan high school of Esztergom. In the flashmob he is seen walking along the corridors of his Alma Mater with his former class master and spiritual father, Father Kapisztrán, finally he sits into the school desk again.

Besides Csaba Pindroch, other IEC messengers, including Bogi Nagy, Gabi Tóth, Máté Czinke and Gergő Dánielfy singers were walking together with the students, representing the Congress volunteers.