Csaba Böjte on the hope and the order of love

07 September 2021
„Jesus preaches and exercises the order of love” – said Csaba Böjte Franciscan friar at the workshop of the Budapest International Eucharistic Congress (IEC), held at the Hungexpo venue.

The founder of the Saint Francis Foundation of Déva believes that Jesus Christ set us on a path, now we are on the right path, and have to move forward this way. Our duty is to offer the values we have received – love, solidarity and the ability to engage in a dialogue – to the rest of the world. Csaba Böjte asked his vast audience – which repeatedly interrupted the friar’s lecture with a thunderous applause – “to believe in the final triumph of love” and “to dare to show our love towards each other.” The Franciscan friar highlighted the phenomena of our days: it is so trendy and proper to whinge, to complain and to hunt for mistakes. “The evil’s spirit wants us to be dissatisfied”, while Jesus Christ always comforts, encourages and strengthens.