Catechism365: As if we were drinking from a pure spring

27 September 2020
What a great opportunity it is to deepen our faith during the one year left until the Congress is due to begin in 2021. Interview with Kornél Fábry, IEC Secretary- General on the Catechism365 program, launched on the 21st September.

- How was the idea of the Catechism365 program born?

- Since we already had a motto for each preparatory year, we were looking for one for this extra year as well. Finally, the motto of this year has become: “Come to me all of you”, and even a book has been published by this title with the subtitle: “A further year to the deeds of faith”. The book discusses, among others, the sustainable development –based upon the Encyclical Letter, Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father Francis-, the Caritas, and Thérèse of Lisieux’s “Little Way”. We have been thinking that if we are already talking about deeds arising from faith and love, it’s time to deepen our knowledge about our faith by reading the Catechism. Being a pastor I often experience that believers put me questions to which the answer is all in the Catechism. Well, another reason to read it. Definitely worth it.

- We can subscribe by email for the daily sections, for the weekly summaries, or we can even download from the IEC website the schedule for the whole year of the Catechism in a PDF format, which can even be used as a bookmark. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) is available on the INTERNET, or by downloading the CCC application to cell phones, or in a printable PDF-format. What are the first feedbacks and how many subscriptions have been recorded so far?

- The figures are promising: just during the first week a 1450 daily, and 450 weekly email requests have been recorded, and still there is a constant flow of subscriptions. We encourage everybody to join the common reading.

- How well do people know the Catechism?

- Of those I interviewed, there was only one who had already read it, but he had a degree in theology…

- What kind of an added value is brought to us by reading the Catechism regularly for a year?

- I do hope to get a spiritual experience similar to the one I have noted when I was reading the documents of the Vatican Synod: a feeling of drinking water from a pure spring. Clear, understandable, as if an echo were repeating in me that this is the truth. I only hope that by reading the Catechism everyone is going to be strengthened in their faith. Many attend the Bible class until their First Communion only, but as an adult they would phrase or interpret the questions and issues of the faith in a totally different way. With the help of the Catechism we can understand and live our faith in a more conscious manner.

- The Catechism365 program calls us for reading, furthermore encourages us to discuss and interpret the sections together.

- Indeed, it is so. We are living in days of uncertainty, one is staying in quarantine, while others are not. Therefore we have decided to offer and provide a COVID-compatible program for the faithful. Though it is nice to read the Catechism individually, we believe that it is also important to discuss it or share the experiences in small groups as well. Thus, for processing the readings, we have put five supporting questions onto the official page of the program, and gave advice respectively to form local groups, so called Reading groups for Catechism of the Catholic Church. Further on these discussions may enrich the common faith as well.

- The program has been launched by the IEC Secretariat. Is there a way for the faithful to join the program from other countries as well?

- As to our plans an invitation will be published on our English website, while English language information material will be posted on the IEC’s Facebook page.

Source: IEC
Photo: Marcsi Ambrus