The Creator of the logo of the International Eucharistic Congress: János Lampert graphic artist

07 July 2017

We are in the first year of preparation for the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress and the result of its logo-tender has been revealed. The creator of the winner tender is the graphic artist János Lampert, 78 years old. We visited János Lampert and his wife, Gizella in their home in Budapest.

We visited János Lampert and his wife, Gizella in their home in Budapest. It turned out that they are living in a happy marriage in the last fifty-five years. At the beginning of our conversation the artist told us that both of his sons are graphics, and one of his grandchildren is a photo artist. The logo is also a result of a family co-operation, he drew it, the sons helped in digitalizing it.

János Lampert, born in 1939 usually spent his time with making portraits about their neighbours - until the age of ten this was a significant activity of his daily life. He wanted to be a painter, later he became attracted to priesthood, that is why he gave his application to the school of the Piarists in Budapest. After the four years of high-school painting became the focus of his interest, but at the beginning the Piarist education was a bad letter of recommendation, especially because he also participated in the revolution in 1956. He applied to the University of Fine Arts, but he was rejected. In these times his connections to the Piarists helped a lot. Father László Vízvári did not only got the nickname "Vizes" but he also was the "puppet-dancing Piarist". He and Gizella attended his puppetry classes. They had a very good relationship with Father László, he was the one who married them. These puppetry courses helped a lot in developing dexterity and creativity. János educated himself, whenever he had the opportunity he made illustrations and graphics. After the military service he participated in advanced studies, and he made graphic designs accepted by the professional jury. In 1973 he was accepted as a member of the Hungarian Arts' Funds, and since then he works as a freelance graphic artist. For forty years he rented an atelier in the Petőfi Street.

The emblem is János Lampert's favourite genre. He designed emblems, illustrations, corporate identities and posters for many corporations, communities. The graphic design of the many publications of the religious books Hitünk és életünk (Our Faith and Life)since 1974 is also his creation. He never refused a bidding from the Church, his name always appeared on the publications. After the change of regime, the situation changed somewhat for the better, finally he had the opportunity to present himself at the Hungarian Graphics Biennale. In 1994 two of his emblems were exhibited.

"I love the one-line technique. Continuity is important - he emphasised. Standing next to his working desk he explained in connection with the logo, that it was not an easy task to meet the requirements of the tender. "I made seven version, and I was satisfied with the last one, so I submitted that one. In the logo the Host and the chalice symbolizes the Eucharist. The used colours - red, gold (yellow) and sky-blue - refer to the Holy Trinity. Naturally the Hungarian national colours appear as well, referring to Budapest, who will host the congress in 2020.

"Maybe this is a new start..." - said János Lampert, who was clearly re-energized by winning the tender, and he is grateful to those, who drew this opportunity to his attention.