Greetings to Budapest and a hug to the Pope

17 September 2020
This time we can listen to the thoughts of Timothy Dolan at the online pre-meeting, organised in the spirit of the IEC.

“Jesus is gonna bring renewal” – so as the Archbishop of New York encourages us on the day of Patience. In the introduction of the fourth part of the series “Messages from the World”, Cardinal Péter Erdő presents Timothy Dolan as a cheerful, open-minded, energetic person, who leads his community with a consistent love. The Hungarian Chief Pastor recalls the event, when following the election of Pope Frances the Church dignitaries congratulated the Holy Father in a row one after the other. “Most kissed his hands, but Cardinal Dolan hugged Pope Frances and patted his shoulder as if an encouragement.”

In his message Timothy Dolan emphasizes how eager he is to be in Budapest next September for the International Eucharistic Congress.

He underlines: if there is one thing he has heard during the time of the quarantine is that people are longing to get back again to the Holy Mass, since they badly miss the Holy Eucharist. The Archbishop reminds us: the hunger that the people of Israel experienced in the desert, and what God satisfied with the manna from heaven is now echoing throughout the new chosen people, in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Archbishop of New York believes that we can’t have renewal in the Church unless there is a renewal in our faith.

Photo/Source: IEC