Every crisis is always an opportunity

18 September 2020
Once, as a teenager, Johannes Hartl thought of God as an annoying, grumpy math teacher. The German theologian-philosopher has converted as an adult.

In the fifth part of the “Messages from the World” series, Cardinal Péter Erdő talks about Johannes Hartl, mentioning that very moment in Hartl’s life when he recognised that whenever he was in a personal dialogue with God, everything got light and meaning. Hartl is the founder of the House of Prayer movement.
As soon as the corona crisis hit us, an outstanding increase was detected in the google search activity on the topic of prayer –starts his message Hartl.
The father of four children believes that in parallel with the rise of the new coronavirus numbers, the desire, the interest in spirituality as well as in prayers were soaring considerably. Crisis situations like this current one are always a big opportunity for the Church and for the Christians – thinks Hartl - since these times enable the best to let their light to be seen.
The German theologian shares two of his observations. The one is that spirituality is of greatest importance for normal people. The second observation is that the efficiency of a sacramental spirituality is well characterized by the aching sense of loss that has been shown during the lockdown.
Finally Johannes Hartl pointed out: the Church again has to be the school of prayer.

Photo/Source: IEC