The day of Hope, the voice of Hope

18 September 2020
The Eucharist is an affectionate sacrifice, in which we are together in Christ, by Christ and with Christ – as we can hear in the message received from Brazil.

On the day of Hope a lay person from Brazil encourages us. He is Moysés Azevedo the founder of the Shalom Catholic Community. Cardinal Péter Erdő has been acquainted with the founding father of the spirituality movement for more than a decade already. The Hungarian Chief Pastor recalls one of their earlier discussions, when Moysés Azevedo has revealed what an important role the Eucharistic Congress plays in his life. Azevedo’s vocation arrived at the National Eucharistic Congress in Brazil, when he was chosen and asked to greet Pope John Paul II. on behalf of the youth of the city and to hand over a gift to the Pontiff, which had to be figured out by himself. Azevedo, being a very poor person, decided to offer his entire life to the Holy Father. Since then his life is all about to bring people closer to Christ, with the help of music, fine arts and dance. The Shalom Catholic Community is present in Hungary as well.

In his message Moysés Azevedo is telling us that the virus has not been sent by God, moreover we know that God is with us and is always present in the midst of pain and suffering of the mankind. The founder of the Shalom Catholic Community underlines: We are not alone. The Eucharist is a presence itself. “Jesus promised us to be with us every day all along our lives. He gives us the mercy and strength to succeed with the power of the cross and resurrection-” The Eucharist is an affectionate sacrifice, by which we are together in Christ, by Christ and with Christ. The Eucharist is a Holy Communion, a service and a hope. Azevedo adds: “God is creating a far greater good from all the suffering the mankind has been going through. We are overwhelmed with hope and confidence.”
The community founder expresses his hope to meet and to be together in September 2021 to celebrate the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest.

Photo/Source: IEC