“He is the image of the invisible God” – worshipers from 53 countries joined the worldwide Eucharistic adoration chain

23 November 2019
Tens of thousands of people prayed worldwide at the same time!

The Secretariat General of the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) proclaimed worldwide Eucharistic adoration for the Feast of Christ the King, Saturday, 23 November, to praise Jesus, who is present in the Eucharist. This was the fifth Eucharistic adoration chain with the most participating countries and venues ever; 53 countries joined the chain with almost 1100 venues and tens of thousands of worshipers. It was an intercontinental cooperation, as among others, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, Togo, Chile, Australia, the USA and a number of African and European countries took part in the Eucharistic adoration chain.

“The Eucharist is a priceless treasure: By not only celebrating the Eucharist, but also by praying before It outside of Mass, we are enabled to make contact with the very wellsprings of Grace.” – to evoke the words of Pope John Paul II. The time we offer to spend before the Eucharist not only adds a new milestone on our way to prepare ourselves for the International Eucharistic Congress, but includes grace beyond our intentions and human pursuits.

A particularly large number of people joined from Chile, even though the Church has been going through difficult trials there. The worshipers sent a letter to the Hungarian organisers to give thanks for the possibility to feel the unity in Christ with the other believers who praised the lord from all over the world in the same hours. Taiwan joined with hundreds of participants from 30 churches, again. Communities from the Philippines, Canada and Germany signalled that they would like to attend the International Eucharistic Congress with many participants.

Péter Cardinal Erdő told the Eucharistic adoration chain:

“When Jesus Christ said farewell to His apostles after His resurrection, he told them to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He promised them to be with them every day till the end of ages. He is with us in His teachings, in His grace, in His sacraments but especially in the Eucharistic adoration and in the Blessed Sacrament, which we worship outside of Mass, too.”

The Eucharistic adoration chain goes on. The organisers call the faithful to pray on the occasion of the Day of the Lord on the following days before the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress:

Saturday, 13 June, 2019