Jesus is Not in Lockdown

04 May 2020
Curfew does not apply to Jesus. Day by day, we can feel his presence, either we spend our time in a small cottage at the end of the world or in a flat of a huge city.

Jesus can step over every barrier, bring down every obstacle. He does not wear mask or gloves, only light and love. He can not be locked down thus he resembles very much to human creativity, heart and faith. Because when something is invisible, good and has power, nothing can stop it.
Ever since NEK has begun, we’ve heard its motto over and over again: ’…all my springs are in you’.
But when we hear something too often, we tend to forget its real meaning.
The Springs
In the quarantine, everything has a different meaning though. We pay more attention to each other and to ourselves. Ideas pop out of our heads which would never be born in ordinary circumstances. Every single idea is about how to make things better, easier, nicer to others. And this is nothing else but the main point of christianity. No more, no less. What else could be the source of these thoughts than the Springs itself?
All my springs are in you.’ Every idea is created by your guidance. The solution is simple: mercy works in every single moment. And in a time when we live behind closed doors, our senses to the good, the nice and the valuable are sharpened. We notice many things we haven’t seen before: the vulnerability of the elderly, the self-sacrifice of health care workers, the goodness of the our neighbour, hte selflessness of a helping hand.
Creativity in the Quarantine
The volunteers of NEK and Charitas of Diocese of Pécs gave chickens and pet food for families in need in Kisszentmárton.

In another village the priest bakes bread for the poor himself. Elsewhere, a quarantine tree will be planted.
The novitiates of Saint Francis in Eger made a video about their lives and YouTube. We can watch online masses broadcasted on the Facebook page of the Seminary of Eger. Priest Ede Koós has launched a video series called ’Lélekmorzsák’ (Soul Crumbs). The chaplain of Mezőkövesd airs a live series of theological lectures. Norbert Zadubenszki has organised an online running contest.
These initiatives are only a small slice of the hundreds of special ideas which were born in and from the quarantine. By seeing these ideas coming to life, we can wonder how the gentle inspirations of Jesus take forms in our souls from which deeds emerge. Real, loving ones.

Let us remember as well, how much sacrifice motherhood means – how much selflessness, strength, love and creativity we need to raise a child. The two sources, human and divine today join together. Heaven and Earth meet. Because there are things which nothing can change ever. Neither sickness, nor war or natural disaster. And this is unconditional love – may it belong to a mother or to God.

Fotó: Marcsi Ambrus

Fordítás: Orsolya Gyarmati

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