Leaning on God

11 May 2020
More and more find their way back to the Creator

Nurse Colleen Donovan works at the Winthrop Hospital in Long Island, as an operating care nurse. She has been working in this area for more than 30 years by now, but likely to many of her fellow nurses across the country, her duties have been changed since the pandemic outbreak. Nowadays she is helping in the intensive care unit, taking care of the COVID-19 patients. „It was totally different to work here and I was very much scared” – said Colleen. All along her life she has been a devoted Catholic, thus her strong faith has helped her to overcome these difficult days. She has noted that people’s faith has also grown in the hospital, many have been taking part in the daily common prayers. „Lots of people are praying, and many have returned to their faith. They are drawn to pray, and finding great comfort in it.” – She said.

„Following the daily report, we would all gather in the middle of
the room to pray together. This is a kind of calming for us.”

- she added
The nurse’s reflection is backed by the Pew Research Centre poll, according to which 27 percent of the people think that their faith has strengthened during the pandemic. As to the Fordham University report, 68 percent of the regular churchgoers are saying that their faith has helped them to get through the crisis.

Photo and source: netny.tv