Orani João Tempesta, the “bulletproof” Cardinal

21 February 2020

In the past six years, the Cardinal’s car was stopped twice by Brazilian criminals, he was robbed, they even stole his car. Once Tempesta witnessed a firefight between the police and drug dealers. After all these violent events, he celebrated his 66th birthday in the most infamous district of the Brazilian city by offering milk, clothing and blankets to the needy.

With this, the Cardinal followed the footsteps of Pope Francis, who had breakfast with the homeless of Rome on his 77th birthday, and upon his request next year sleeping bags were distributed among the people living on the streets.

After the attacks against him Tempesta Cardinal said: I long to see the day when we are getting closer to each other as the sign of peace, brotherhood and mercy. Likewise the city of Rio will be known not only by its natural beauty and history, but by its inhabitants, who like and care about each other.

Last autumn, Cardinal Péter Erdő visited Brazil on the invitation of Cardinal Orani João Tempesta, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro and Cardinal Odilo Scherer, Archbishop of São Paolo. The Hungarian Archbishop held a great number of presentations about the congress and personally invited the participants to Budapest. We can meet the “bulletproof” Cardinal on the HungExpo, where he will have a lecture. In order to hear his thoughts, do not forget to register!