Opening ceremony and Holy Mass at the IEC

22 July 2021
Let us introduce the performers of the Opening Ceremony and its related programs. Key details on the venues are given below. Have you already registered yourself?

The 52nd International Eucharistic Congress starts with a triple feast on the 5th September at Heroes’ Square, Budapest. Brilliant artists have accepted the invitation to appear on stage and perform in the related programs. You can learn a great deal of practical information on transportation, accessibility for the disabled, and on the communion possibilities. Go ahead with reading!

The Catholic event of the year

83 years have passed since Hungary last hosted the Catholic World Event, and now has been appointed again to organise the meeting that is to be opened with a grandiose music and dance Opening Ceremony. In the 144 years history of the Congress, 26 countries gave home to it so far, and only 11 countries had the privilege to be a host for more than once.

Let’s celebrate together!

A unique feature of the event, that after eighty-three years the opportunity is there again to receive the First Communion during the Opening Holy Mass. More than 1200 children can have the privilege of taking the Eucharist for the first time. At the same time this event will also be the Venic Sancte, School year opening Holy Mass of the Esztergom-Budapest Archdiocese’ Catholic schools. Entry into the Opening Ceremony and Holy Mass venue starts at 12,30 on September 5, 2021. Admission to the event is free, no registration is required, however strongly advisable to make registration to ensure seats.

A genre creator artist

Prior to the Holy Mass many fantastic song- and music programs will be on show. Let’s first mention Gergely Rákász, concert organist, who gave his first concert at the age of 15 as the youngest concert organist of the country. He has already been on stage for more than 1,500 times both in the USA and throughout Europe. His unique vision and interpretation fills the classical music with youthful dynamism, while by his scenic concerts a new genre has been created, making familiar and endearing classical music with the help of fine art, dance and acting. The foundation, bearing the organist’s name, regularly gives concerts for Hungarian communities living beyond the borders of the motherland.

Excellent school

The Weiner Leo Catholic Music School – Elementary Art School and Music Vocational High School - is a century old institution, tutoring students from their early childhood till the age of young adults, while developing their love for music. The school tutoring is based on the Kodály method and follows the spirit of the school’s namesake. The institution’s professionalism was awarded the Prize Prima Primissima in 2011. School students give some three hundred concerts a year. Operation of the institution was taken over by the Church in 2018.

The musician’s shocking conversion

Following the Weiner Leó wind quintet, Róbert Szikora will be on stage. The well known musician also serves as messenger to the International Eucharistic Congress. As a child he attended catechism classes, and was a church goer. Upon becoming a famous musician he was totally absorbed by everything that life could offer to a rock musician. Then at the beginning of the 1970’s at the Main Church of the city of Siófok he found his way back to God. “The moment of my conversion was a shocking experience. It is not ordinary that God grabs you, but he did it to me, not letting me drown ever since. And I was able to say YES, and promised to change my lifestyle.” – recalled Róbert Szikora.

God experience locked up in lines

The next program is the testimony of János Lackfi, being also an IEC messenger. The writer, poet, literary translator and editor is an adult converter, and found his faith during his pre-marriage engagement education. By now his art has been pervaded by faith. Literature is taken as the form of dialogue, while his personal God experience is reflected in most of his essays. He characterized himself as a stumbling, average person, having a hot experience that “God profoundly loves you.” Goes without saying he does his best to return somehow all this love, and engages himself to transmit the love flow towards the people.

The Light

On the first day of the Congress we can see Gergő Baricz as well. The Transylvanian origin musician and songwriter is also amongst the Congress’ messengers. In 2011 he was third-prized in a TV talent show, and the country got to know his name and his varied talent. He became a youth idol. He was born in Borzont, Hargita county and he has never stopped greeting his parents and the elderly male members of the village community with a “Praised be Lord.” The musician is of the belief that “the world does not work by random coincidences, everything has an answer, in which God himself appears. Since I believe in God, whenever I am unable to explain something with a reason, I cling to the faith.”

Millennial heritage

“Hungary, Mary’s country”, as the grandiose opening show is titled. The production is directed by Csaba Káel and aims to present the Hungarians and their Christian traditions in the Carpathian-basin, while introducing the folk costumes of the various regions. Besides the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble, further ensembles, both amateurs and professionals from Budapest and the countryside, as well as authentic dance groups will step on stage. Music programs are edited by László Gőz, choreographers are Zoltán Zsuráfszky and Zsuzsa Zs.Vince.

Opening Holy Mass with First Communion

Following the stage shows, the Papal Legate is going to be the celebrant of the Opening Holy Mass with First Communion. Participants will be the united Choruses of the Catholic Schools, together with the Zoltán Kodály Chorus School and other children’s choirs. Music is to be provided by the orchestra of the Weiner Leo Catholic Music School – Elementary Art School and Music Vocational High School.

Important information details

Communion will be at disposal in each sector. Simultaneous interpretation is ensured, for which the necessary radio frequency will be available via mobile phone. Due to security reasons and lock downs, the easiest way to reach Heroes’ Square is by public transport or on foot. Accessibility for disabled is ensured, pre-registered attendees can take their seats in a separately reserved sector. Toilets, for disabled as well, are available throughout the spot.

I would like to attend, but I have no internet…

Application for the public and free programs, as well as for the Opening and Closing Mass, the Saturday Mass and procession of the International Eucharistic Congress can also be done over the phone. The World Event tickets ensure travel discounts! The IEC accepts both individual and group phone registrations on working days between 10.00 and 17.00, at the phone number +36 1 955 5823

Photo: Pixabay, IEC