Karl Wallner: The Christian World Look at Hungary

23 February 2019
According to the Austrian Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies Hungary can play a vital role in Europe’s return to its Christian roots

In his exclusive interview to the Hungarian TV channel MTV, Karl Wallner, Austrian Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies has welcome the fact that Hungary will organise the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress in 2020.

He expressed his hope that this event will rise awareness all over Europe. He said this to be extremely important because while in Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America the Church is on the rise, in Europe the number of Christians decrease dramatically. The believers grew insecure and lonely, and furthermore, there are less and less young people in the Christian faith.

It is the conviction of the Austrian Cistercian professor that Hungary will get a huge opportunity in 2020, because in Budapest Christians from all over the world can meet both one another and Jesus in the Eucharist. Europe might find a way back to its Christian roots, to the faith, to the Gospel and Christ, to those values which made it strong for two thousand years. If this succeed, the old continent will start to grow again.

Karl Wallner also expressed his opinion that there is an inner decline in our world and Europe has lost its sense of judgement. In these days even the Church is pervaded by a left- or right-side political ideology, and as a consequence it gradually gets divorced from reality. The countries, which suffered under the communist dictatorship have already experienced this, when media wanted to make them believe fake news.

IEC Secretariat