Péter Card. Erdő: Eucharist is a subject that binds us rather than divides us

19 February 2019
The Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest was the guest of Ma Este on Channel M1, where he also spoke about the preparations of the International Eucharistic Congress of 2020

The International Eucharistic Congress of 2020 is a great opportunity to be open and bear witness. On Channel M1, Péter Card. Erdő, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, Primate of Hungary was asked how the Catholic Church can reach out to the world at the end of the second decade of the 21st century.

“We have high hopes that next year’s International Eucharistic Congress will get through to the wider layers of our society” – said Péter Erdő. He also expressed that the opening day (12. September 2020), the Saturday before the Sunday of the First Communion, will get a special emphasis. They want to call out to everyone, both to non-believers and to members of other religions. Thus, they will fulfil the motto of the Congress, which is: “… all my springs are in you.” According the Psalm this sentence refers to the Temple of Jerusalem. “That living water, which comes out from there does not stop at the doorsteps of the temple, but it pours out to the whole world. On this Saturday we would like to host hundreds of needy people, if every single bishops’ and archbishops’ see of Hungary if possible. Not only by handing out prepared packages to them, but to share a table and a meal with them. Just as Jesus came to us, ate with us and became our mate.” – said Cardinal Péter Erdő.

During the conversation he also mentioned that a “Romani” (language of the gypsies) Mass is being prepared for the International Eucharistic Congress of 2020. In our country a “Romani” Bible is available since 2006. According to Cardinal Péter Erdő “the Romani Bible is the proof that this language is mature and solid enough, so that in the liturgy we can interpret its fine and rich details, which are required.” The Romani Bible was introduced to Pope Francis by the Cardinal, who took it with great joy.

To the question regarding the opening message of the Catholic Church towards the world, Péter Erdő said that the Eucharist is a subject that binds us rather than divides us, if we look into its depths. This does not mean covering our religious differences, but it is important to know that that these are not that kind, which turn us against others. This can be felt in the mood of the last decades’ Eucharistic Congresses. “Earlier the rightful pride and the Catholic defiance were mixed up. But now we rather show that we love everyone, because we have a treasure which is for everyone. We try to speak to the society in the language of love. A good example of this was last year’s scientific conference in Esztergom.” – said Péter Erdő.