Why were we born?

02 September 2020
Faith and science. A mathematician’s path to Jesus.

Jean-Luc Moens was studying mathematics when he met his would-be wife. He was encouraged by his girlfriend to participate in some church activities. Though, describing this period, he thinks his actions had passed without much enthusiasm. However, very soon his mathematician mind had broken out eager to understand why others knew Jesus Christ, and he didn’t. The discovery has arrived by David Wilkerson’s book, “The Cross and the Switchblade”, upon reading of which he has turned towards God.

New life

Moens married in 1974, he is a father of 7 children and a grandfather of 11 grandchildren. For more than 30 years by now he is working as a member of the Emmanuel Community’s (Belgium) Management, while between 2007 and 2017 was also a Member of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum Dicastery. With over his 45 years of activity and experience in the charismatic community he was chosen as moderator of CHARIS (2018), an acronym for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service, established by Pope Frances. Moens is the author of numerous books on subject of evangelisation and of the spirituality of the cross.

In safety

Jean-Luc Moens thinks that evangelizing “can be frightening, therefore we want the Holy Spirit to ensure us security.” According to the Belgian missionary, evangelization is similar to parachuting: “the Spirit arrives at the right time, neither before nor after. The parachute is opened just at the right moment giving the gift that is necessary to reach the heart of the person. The operation of the Holy Spirit can be well seen and should not be restricted.”

The Holy Spirit in action

The evidence of the evangelization is strengthened by one of scientist’s special personal experiences: “I was travelling by train and met an American family. They started talking to me: “What do you do?” – asked the father. “I’m a missionary” – I replied. “Are you a priest?” – asked the husband. “No, I’m not. I’m married and have seven children. Are you Christians?” – I asked them. The father answered saying that he was a Methodist. The woman said she was not a Christian and believed in nothing. So I started a discussion with her, and noted that the husband was happy that I talked to his wife, since “no one is a prophet in his own house”. Then arrived the moment when I said to the woman that she was not born to live 60 or 70 years on this earth but for the eternity. Those words touched the woman’s heart and she began to cry. I understood that it was not me saying these words, but was said by the Holy Spirit himself. This is a typical example when the Holy Spirit himself acts in us. A simply phrase that has deeply touched the women.”

Source/Photo: IEC