Bishop Gábor Mohos, infected with the corona virus, is grateful for the prayers

08 November 2020
“Take every measure of precaution very seriously, we are responsible for each other, and for our own selves, too” – thus spoke in his testimony Bishop Gábor Mohos, head of the secretariat of the IEC, who is fighting the corona virus himself.

Herewith we present Bishop Gábor Mohos’s testimony of his illness:

6 November 2020

Dear Brothers,

We’ve been hearing a lot about the corona virus, but nowadays it is present all over in our immediate environments: I myself have been certified as infected for ten days already. As it were, I may consider myself as lucky, (so far) I haven’t got to a hospital. After a few feverish days, my temperature has been normal for a week. I am supplied, there’s someone who cooks for me, and I can celebrate a mass every day. Notwithstanding, in my mind I had to endure very harsh days, indeed. It did happen, that having celebrated a mass in a seated position I felt so weak that had to lay down immediately after.
My status – though slowly improving – remains unsteady, even within the same day. When I didn’t feel well, particularly at the beginning – there was this lurking doubt: my condition could worsen, since there are cases who get better but then, after ten days end up at a hospital. After nearly a fortnight I’m still only able to do real work to a very limited extent. There are many who pray for me and I feel very grateful, indeed.
There is one thing that motivates me to write down these words: let us take every measure of precaution very seriously, we are responsible for each other, and for our own selves, too. Far from everyone gets away with the COVID-infection lightly. There are many who suffer for a long time, and more and more – not only elderly and otherwise sick people – end up dying.
May I add, in conclusion, that in spite of everything this is a period of grace, a gift of God’s merciful love, an opportunity to get closer with Jesus, who invited us for the priestly service and sacrifice.
With brotherly love. Gábor Mohos, auxiliary bishop”.

The IEC Secretariat’s staff pray for all those sick, those close to them, as well as for health service workers. Welcome back cured, Bishop Father!